Blogs in March 2021

The Book of Ramallah (Reading The City) 2nd March 2021

A coffee seller waits all day for one of his customers to ask him how he is, until eventually he just tells the city itself… A teenager is ordered off a bus at a checkpoint and told he must...

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My First and Only Love 5th May 2020

After many decades of restless exile, Nadal returns to her family home in Nablus, where she had lived with her grandmother before the 1948 Nakba that scattered her family across the globe. She was a young girl when the...

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Fractured Destinies 3rd May 2020

Palestinian-Armenian Ivana eloped with a British doctor in the 1940s, in the midst of the Nakba, and emigrated to England. Over half a century later, her daughter Julie has been tasked with her dying wish: to take her ashes...

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Reporting from Ramallah: An Israeli Journalist in an Occupied Land 20th March 2020

The writings of an Israeli journalist who has chosen to live in a Palestinian town in order to provide a firsthand description of what daily life is like for the population. The only Israelis this generation of Palestinians know...

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I Saw Ramallah 19th March 2020

A fierce and moving work and an unparalleled rendering of the human aspects of the Palestinian predicament. Barred from his homeland after 1967’s Six-Day War, the poet Mourid Barghouti spent thirty years in exile–shuttling among the world’s cities, yet...

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