Blogs in January 2022

Two Doors Away 30th January 2022

Since moving to a new city, once-adventurous Steph is doing her best to prove to her friends and family back home that her life is as fulfilling and envy-inducing as ever. The truth? She’s broke and has found that...

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Assembling the Wingpeople 26th January 2022

Can Tilda uproot her life and start again when her personality avoids risk-taking at every opportunity? Is Bea really in love with Mal or is her HRT causing emotional turbulence? And how long can Stewart use his estranged father’s...

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Finding Summer Happiness 21st August 2021

You won’t find happiness without breaking a few eggs … Miriam Ryan was the MD of a successful events and catering company, but these days even the thought of chopping an onion sends her stress levels sky rocketing. A...

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Those Who Know 2nd May 2021

(Teifi Valley Coroner 3) Harry Probert-Lloyd has inherited the estate of Glanteifi and appointed his assistant John as under-steward. But his true vocation, to be coroner, is under threat. Against his natural instincts, Harry must campaign if he is...

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The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy 28th April 2021

Get ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about British royal history… Derbyshire, England, 1603 Elizabeth I is dead and the Tudor reign is over. As the men in power decide to pass the throne to the Scottish...

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