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More news from Andrew who is #OnLiteraryLocation in Sardinia

17th June 2017

Andrew is continuing his literary adventure in Sardinia, following in the footsteps of author Rosanna Ley and the places and characters in her latest novel, The Little Theatre by the Sea. Catch his earlier adventures here.

Alessandro takes Faye away from Deriu, in search of a hidden beach.

At last, to her relief, Alessandro swung off on to a dirt road leading to a small town in the foothills; the mountains sloped down towards the sea as if they were taking a little rest.

“The old mining town”, he said.

Faye looked around. Several lonely rows of uninhabited, half-derelict buildings were a bleak reminder of the town’s once prosperous mining history.”

Rosanna has told me that her research for this episode was “a lot further down the west coast from Bosa” (her fictional Deriu), “and near the old mining town of Buggerru.”



I found Buggerru, now with an attractive marina, but I did not see its old mining remains. However, the following day, I stumbled on a different piece of Sardinian mining history, just a few miles further north and close to an inaccessible piece of coast dominated by the largest sand dunes in Europe, at the southern end of the island’s Costa Verde.

This was clearly also a sizeable community in its day, and I could imagine why Faye contemplates: “So much had been taken from this landscape and yet it was still stunningly beautiful, rugged and unspoilt.”


Being #OnLiteraryLocation in Sardinia with author Rosanna, and with her characters and places, is a hugely rewarding experience….

You can buy a copy of Rosanna’s book, The Little Theatre By The Sea here.

Andrew’s trip has been made possible by the generosity of Sardatur Holidays – “Italian Holidays crafted from the finest ingredients”. And Andrew is staying at the Is Benas Country Lodge near Oristano, an intimate hotel with outstanding food and hospitality.

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