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Novel set in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

5th December 2019

Tomorrow There Will Be Sun by Dana Reinhardt, novel set in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Two families are certainly anticipating a week’s sunshine in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to celebrate up-coming 50th birthdays. Charismatic Solly is there with his second wife and their young son who suffers from autism and his teenage son from his first marriage. Peter and Jenna are married and arrive with Clementine, their teenage daughter.

This is a luxury beach house with attendant butler and staff, who are good at mixing margaritas and diligently catering to their guests’ every need and whim (they will not be eating off the plates, thank you very much, as the Mexican glaze is probably poisoned with a lead glaze, so they have heard, anyway). They are housed in the illustrious Villa Azul Paraiso (which in Mexican should actually be Villa Paraiso Azul, but it’s owned by North Americans who haven’t quite got it right). It has been home to famous people, like Richard Nixon, not necessarily a good advert for the place.

This is largely Jenna’s story who frankly is a control freak and as she beavers away it gets just that much harder to engage with her. She is tapping her daughter’s phone to check on the texts she exchanges with her boyfriend, but fortunately teenagers can outwit their parents when it comes to technology.

About 75% of the novel is scene setting for the looming crisis situation that arises and the eventual denouements. Secrets are revealed and Jenna is off on a totally new trajectory.

This is good storytelling, with a nice writing style and there is a level of tension that kept me hooked. However, it can feel really quite slow.

If you are off to Puerto Vallarta, then take this book along with you. It will make for interesting literary wanderlust and add an extra dimension to your trip!

Tina for the Tripfiction Team

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