The Alhambra Brought to Life!

  • Book: Court of Lions
  • Location: Granada
  • Author: Jane Johnson

Review Author: A Lady Traveller



I was very happy to receive this book as a member of the Trip Fiction book club!
Initially, I enjoyed it very much, particularly the contemporary story of Kate Fordham fleeing her violent marriage. I also enjoyed the wonderful descriptions of 16C Granada & The Alhambra & the story of the relationship between Blessings & Momo.
However, by the time I reached the last third of the book, I found I was losing interest & twice I put it aside in favour of other books, which is most unlike me!
I found the story of Kate became unrealistic (how many mothers would leave their baby & flee the country & not be concerned that the baby had become more attached to his aunt?)
I also tired of the 16C, the warfare & trying to work out who was who in the fighting!
Maybe I’m just not so great with historical fiction!
I did get to the end eventually, but, as I said, the last third was rather a struggle!
It is still a part of Spain I would like to visit though, maybe in Winter when the temperatures are not so high!

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