An India Fix

  • Book: The Mountain Shadow
  • Location: Mumbai (Bombay)
  • Author: Gregory David Roberts

Review Author: Bev Bookless



This is some tome and not the easiest book to hold but I have been waiting for the sequel to Shantaram for ever.
And for me it did not disappoint. I had reread Shantaram to remind myself of Lin’s story so far and this sequel starts a few years afterwards. I became easily captured by the description of life in Bombay or Mumbai as it is now known. Lin’s life continues with the’ company’, but their are new ‘companies’ and characters around. Lin has a reputation! he has a love for his motor bike and his long love Karla. I suppose at heart I like to get involved with the characters in fiction and The Mountain Shadow fulfilled that. There is a lot of philosophy in this book but I think Lin bases his decisions whilst looking for the truth and he does this through philosophical thoughts and reflections that help to shape him. He makes some big decision towards the end of the book. if you love India you will recognise the culture and experiences in this book and get involved in a man’s search. For what?

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