Blood Trail in Dubai

  • Book: A Sealed Fate
  • Location: Cape Town, Dubai
  • Author: Lisa Gordon



This is a story of intrigue, diversity of cultures, and various plots at play. From the beginning the main character is in Africa, and ends up in a car crash and on the beach of Dubai. Valda, not only meets a Sheik who is up to his own devices, but she seeks out an astrologer in her time of need. She seems desperate to find answers and meaning in her life gone astray. The story line is different than some other novels I have read that were mysteries of suspense in that it uses karma to alter the direction it takes. I think that most people do believe in karma in one form or another, and it was enjoyable to see it manifested in a significant way, especially since there was so much turmoil in the beginning. I found the book very interesting. I would highly recommend it.

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