• Book: The Woolgrower’s Companion
  • Location: Australia, New South Wales
  • Author: Joy Rhoades

Review Author: Mellington



At first sight I was interested in this book but the cover made it look like a romantic novel which put me off a bit. However I love historical fiction and this is well plotted, with lots of detail about what was happening at this time in recent history (the 1940s) in Australia, with all the upheaval and changes that WWII brought about.

The subject reminded me a bit of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, which I also loved, so if you liked this book I’d recommend the other.

A reminder of how harsh life in the outback and at this time was, and how as humans we are resilient to changes that are forced on us.

The landscape is a character in this book, almost more than the people, as we see solely through the first person narrator’s eyes, and the love of the earth shines through. I felt like I had been there after finishing.

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