Everything a thriller should be

  • Book: Overkill
  • Location: Mataura
  • Author: Vanda Symon

Review Author: EmmabBooks



After an disturbing opening chapter (because of the murder) this becomes a great, involving and fast moving thriller. Sam Shepherd is the sole police constable in the small rural community of Mataura, in New Zealand. She calls in assistance from larger police forces who, instead of appreciating her input, turn her into a suspect.

Sam is a great, down to earth character, who picks herself up after her seniors and colleagues knock her down, knows what is right, and is determined to solve the crime. Of course, being a small town, she has “history” with some of the main characters, and sometimes struggles inwardly to keep her thoughts professional. She has a great flatmate that she can let off steam with, and is the sort of person one can really relate to.

I listened to this as an Audible audiobook, and the narrator (Genevieve Swallow) is so good that I shall be listening to the rest of this series, instead of reading them as books. The narrator absolutely is Sam Shepherd, and makes the story come alive; thank goodness she is narrating all the 4 books (so far) in this series.

5*s from me, because this is everything a great thriller should be. Realistic characters, enough suspects to keep the reader guessing, fast moving and easy to follow, with a great twist.

There are currently 4 books in the Sam Shepherd series (all available as audiobooks), with the 5th in the series, Expectant, being published on 16th February 2023. Vanda Symon has also written a stand alone thriller, Faceless, which was the first book I read by this author, and got me hooked on her books. What a great writer Vanda Symon is!

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