Fabulous thriller!

  • Book: Deep Down Dead
  • Location: California, Florida, Georgia, West Virginia
  • Author: Steph Broadribb

Review Author: MiriamSmith



OH MY! Where do I begin? “Deep Down Dead” is an outstanding high octane thriller that I wholeheartedly enjoyed from the tense start to the fantastic finish! The first incredible chapter was so gripping and unputdownable I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop reading anytime soon. I was instantly attracted to the main protagonist Lori Anderson, strong, tough, fearless, exceptional at her job and definitely not someone to be overlooked. The descriptions of her could go on and on and on……
Trying to keep her Florida bounty hunting role separate to being a mother of nine year old Dakota (who suffers from Leukaemia), she unfortunately has no choice but to take her daughter with her on her next bounty hunt. Needing to make a fast buck to pay medical fees and rent due, former stripper Lori doesn’t anticipate the serious danger she puts herself and Dakota in. The fugitive she’s being paid to bring in is none other than her former mentor ‘JT’ the man who made her the woman she is today and who now appears to be mixed up in the powerful Miami Mob. With just three days to get JT back to Florida, fearsome and deadly foes on their tail, her daughter to protect and along with fighting her feelings for JT, Lori has her work cut out. Can she bring JT back in time to collect her fee and what danger has she exposed Dakota to?
There’s action galore throughout the book and it really does race along at breakneck speed. Pace perfect, it pulls you in and doesn’t let you go until the nail biting end.
The author Steph Broadribb is an outstanding writer and for a debut book this is one of the very best I have EVER read! This could easily have been written by any of the big name American writers, it was so professional, polished and perfect.
I’m not too sure who I love the most – Lori or JT, as both were adorable badass characters you can’t fail to enjoy reading about and I really can’t wait to meet them again in the next in this exhilarating series – “Deep Blue Trouble” also published by Orenda Books.
This is another book I’d happily award six stars to if I could, it really begs to be read and its a story I can’t recommend highly enough to crime readers young and old alike, you will NOT be disappointed!
5 stars

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