Lead Review

  • Book: The New Wife
  • Location: Dartmoor, Devon
  • Author: Sue Watson

Review Author: Tina Hartas




Psychological thriller set in DEVON

Childhood sweethearts Sam Moore and Lauren Jackson recently got married and moved to a rather remote cottage on the edge of Dartmoor. They were particularly seduced by the feature, circular marble staircase at the heart of their home After only a few months of marriage, Lauren has tumbled down them, to her death.

The story is told from Georgie’s perspective, who is Sam’s mother. As a single mother, she has brought up her only child within the comforting wrap of the Jackson family, who proved nurturing and inclusive as the children were growing up. A generous family who also took misfit Jade under their wing, and gave her emotional and financial support to enable her to make her way in life and a friend and companion to Lauren.

Georgie is best friends with Helen Jackson, Lauren’s mum, and finds Lauren’s dad a wonderful support in times of need. A suffocating and enmeshed environment, perhaps, but it transpires that Georgie has no sense of the real dynamics within that family – she has tappy-lappied along over the years, happy to be included in the family dynamics, bathed in their warm embrace (honestly, she comes across as a bit gormless when it comes to any deeper emotional understanding).

So, there it is. Lauren is dead, and now, going forward, how on earth do Georgie and the Jacksons come to terms with this terrible event, with their lives until now so intertwined? Lauren’s dad is doing what he can, Helen is drowning in drink. Foul play is mooted and it is a long while before anyone wakes up to the fact that Sam is more than likely to be in the frame for her murder – the police always look to the husband in instances like this; don’t they?

I listened to this as an audiobook and it certainly kept me engrossed. It is only now writing it down that I feel it was just a little too far fetched for my taste, the secrets, twists and turns felt a little over played; however, great writing and storytelling.

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