Lead Review

  • Book: The Spanish Garden
  • Location: Almería (Almeria)
  • Author: Cherry Radford

Review Author: Tina Hartas



“…there’s an undisclosed paradise going on in Almería.” says Andie’s friend Shefali when she drops in to visit her friend. And there, in a way, you have it. The setting is always tangibly accessible in this novel and Andalucía’s beauty rises from the pages.

Andie is a presenter on a gardening programme on British TV. She is having a thing with one of her co-presenters – totally hush hush, of course – but a traumatic event soon has her beetling to Andalucía, to take stock and to reconnect with her grandmother – Grandie, who has long since passed away – but her house, Casa Higuera, is still there. She believes she has sealed a rental deal on it but arrives to find it is already occupied by Vicente and his seven year old son.

Andie is set on restoring the garden, which her grandmother created, now fully overgrown, and persuades Vicente to let her get on with her project. With his dark eyes and man bun, he is the epitome of the Spanish heartthrob, but upon meeting him, he is particularly monotone and terse.

Throw in an encounter with a wild boar and some flamenco and the story gathers energy and pace as the characters crack on with their lives.

This is a lovely novel to transport the reader to sunny Southern Spain, with friendship and passion at the heart, and a touch of horticulture.

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