Novel set in MOROCCO and CORNWALL

  • Book: The Saffron Trail
  • Location: Cornwall, Marrakech, Morocco
  • Author: Rosanna Ley

Review Author: tripfiction



IMG_1268An interesting and intriguing book that explores complicated relationships spanning the decades. Stories interwoven in an enjoyable manner that leaves the reader not wanting to put the book down as the story unfolds.

The book is set in Cornwall and Morocco and centres around saffron as the title suggests. Nell is having difficulty is coming to terms with the death of her mother who tended her own saffron field in Cornwall. As a birthday present, Nell is given a cookery course in Marrakech by her husband Callum.

In Marrakech, Nell meets Amy, a photographer who is involved in taking photographs for a Moroccan exhibition. They pair up and decide to extend their stay and further explore the country, eventually visiting a saffron farm and meeting a mysterious man.

The descriptions of the spice market in Marrakech were wonderful and I could remember visiting it myself, buying saffron and other spices. Memories of the aromas and characters of the market came back and tempted me to try some recipes with saffron and other spices.

Apart from the story of Amy and her journey to understand her mother and delve into the question of who her father was, Nell too has a story.

Her great-aunt Lilian, a strong woman who travelled back to Cornwall after being in America for many years. She has a secret. Descriptions of the GI’s arriving in Cornwall when she was a teenager, her subsequent marriage to a GI and how her life unfolded before she returns home to make amends with her sister.

Rosanna has a gift with words as her characters develop and the story unfolds. Well worth reading.

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