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Romance novel set in Almería, ANDALUCÍA

21st March 2023

The Spanish Cove by Cherry Radford, romance novel set in Almería, Andalucía.

Romance novel set in Almería, ANDALUCÍA

The novel opens on a sad note – Marina, as a small child is off shore on a boat, not far from where the family has a Summer house. She is with her father when there is an accident and she has to manage to get the boat back to dry land by herself. Her father however has died.

Fast forward 20 or so years and Marina is tasked by her mother to sell the property and enlists her help. Marina will return to the house, where there is much to do, supported by her friend Polly. Access to the building is tricky because the road has been blocked by a landfall and the only other way to get there is by boat. When they do eventually arrive, they discover that the house is already being used by three professional Spanish lads, who have been staying there at the same time every year to hang out and play music. Fortunately they are all good eggs and the young women move in with them. This is of course a recipe for romance but Marina is not going to be diverted from the emotional task in hand. There are plenty of memories of her father and she has to start sorting through so many untouched things.

She discovers that the other properties in the vicinity have already been purchased and the same purchaser may well be interested in adding Casa Palmita to his portfolio. No doubt a sleight of hand by a developer, she surmises, but when she tracks him down, she discovers that his intentions are supposedly wholly to the benefit of the locale – he is adamant on that point, that he wants to create a good ecological environment and maintain the essence of the enclave. Can she trust his laudable intentions?

As the weeks pass, the two women get more settled into the Spanish way of life. Will there be romance for Polly and Marina? Will the house get sold?

The author knows how to pen a breezy romance novel and transport her readers to Spain.

There is a also a nice playlist suggested to accompany the book.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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