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Romance novel set in Scarborough (“some things are best kept a secret”)

5th March 2015

The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Greene, romance novel set in Scarborough.

IMG_0015As satisfying as a tealicious cup of tea, brewed by the owner of the Seafront Tearooms. Meet Letty who runs this cosy place in Scarborough, where Kat, Charlie and Séraphine congregate as they begin to forge a delightfully supportive friendship group.

Séraphine has come to the British seaside town (but isn’t particularly impressed with the weather, obviously) as an au pair to Zoe, Adam’s daughter; Kat lives with her son Leo, and is estranged from his father, although he is nevertheless on the periphery of her life; and Charlie is a successful foodie writer, based in London – who has come to Scarborough to visit her sister, but theirs has never been an easy sibling relationship. With a bit of work and change in circumstance there is a good chance that things might alter for the better but how committed are they to change?

Amongst the characters there are secrets to be found, and one character in particular has kept something hidden for many years, which potentially could have a profound effect. A secret that was intended as a gesture of kindness, yet the implications are profound – and this is perhaps the small weakness in the book, in that things are reasonably neatly tied up (well, it is essentially a book about romance, isn’t it?), but in real life the fall-out could well be considerable – with longer term consequences.

Charlie soon has her friends writing about tea rooms for her publication in London but because The Beach Front Tea Rooms are so idyllic and free of madding crowds, there is a universal decision not to write anything that would identify the locale. But there are plenty of others to write about.

On, then, to centenary celebrations of The Beach Front Tea Rooms, and love is beginning to blossom in many quarters – plenty of ‘strong, tanned forearms’ to catch the girls’ eyes. And to crown the story, the author shares recipes from the repertoire of cakes and pastries enjoyed by the characters.

And what of Scarborough? You will enjoy being in a typically English seaside town, Peasholm Park makes an appearance and a few other iconic places pin the location down.

A heart-warming story of friendship and determination. Enjoy.

And yes, I can hear you ask, are there more books set in Scarborough? Of course, our team has been researching and here are some more, just click here. Let us know of any other books that we need to feature, that have brought this lovely area of Britain to life!

Tina for the TripFiction team

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