Blogs in February 2024

Those Absent on the Great Hungarian Plain 1st February 2024

When Jill Culiner arrived on the Great Hungarian Plain, she was seeking a trace of the lost Jewish rural community. She discovered a country shaped by early tribal conquerors and foreign domination. Certainly, nothing is ever what it seems;...

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A Contrary Journey with Velvel Zbarzher, Bard 3rd October 2021

In nineteenth-century Eastern Europe, Jewish life was ruled by Hasidic rebbes or the traditional Mitnagdim, and religious law dictated every aspect of daily life. Secular books were forbidden; independent thinkers were threatened with moral rebuke, magical retribution, and expulsion....

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Finding Home in the Footsteps of the Jewish Fusgeyers 9th February 2021

The Fusgeyers were the thousands of Jewish Romanian men and women who, unwilling to tolerate anti-Semitism, left their country on foot between 1899 and 1907, and headed for North America. Destitute but resolute, they supported themselves by giving theatrical...

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