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You love books, right? And travel? Well, you’re in the right place to find thousands of great books set around the world, all with a firm sense of the place the author has set them in.

Interactive map of Great Books set in locations around the world

It might be a novel, a memoir or a travelogue, but each one will transport you to the destination you’re interested in, whether that’s ahead of a trip you’re planning, while you’re already there, or just to pique your literary curiosity, from the comfort of your favourite reading place on a dark winter’s night.

TripFiction was created to make it easy to find that perfect combination of book and destination, and from our database you can easily search by location, title, author and genre.

We also have a brand new map, from which you can find our posts listing 5 or 10 great books set in an increasing number of places spread around the world.

Baba Dunja’s Last Love, set in Chernobyl

Reading a book with a firm sense of place adds hugely to both literary and travel experiences. Imagine reading Alina Bronsky’s Baba Dunja’s Last Love whilst you’re knee-deep in snow in Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone yourself. Or, going back in time, to a beautifully described 12th Century Japan with The Office of Gardens and Ponds by Didier Decoin.

But TripFiction does so much more than list titles. Each book has a synopsis and frequently a lead review. Many also have reviews and ratings by the TripFiction community, assessing the book for both content and strength of location.

The Office of Gardens and Ponds, set in Kyoto and Honshu

And sign up here to become a TripFiction member – don’t worry, it’s completely free! – to assemble your very own Backpack reading list, and to receive a monthly newsletter. You’ll also be able to recommend new books for the TripFiction database, and to craft your own reviews. And we’ll be introducing new member benefits all the time.

We’d love to hear your ideas or suggestions to help make TripFiction even better for you and the reading community. Please click here for the Contact form, or send us an email at [email protected].

Happy reading and enjoy seeing a location through an author’s eyes.

The TripFiction team

Twitter (@TripFiction), Facebook (@TripFiction.Literarywanderlust), YouTube (TripFiction #Literarywanderlust), Instagram (@TripFiction) and Pinterest (@TripFiction)

The TripFiction Story

Latest Reviews

Lead review

  • Book: A Sailor, A Chicken, An Incredible Voyage: The Seafaring Adventures of Guirec and Monique
  • Location: World
  • Author: David Warriner (translator), Guirec Soudée

"4.5* “If you stop to assess every single risk you encounter in life, you’ll never get anywhere or do anything” Guirec..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Slow Trains Around Spain
  • Location: Spain
  • Author: Tom Chesshyre

"“Planes have a lot to answer for (even when you do not consider all those fumes). Trains, I think we can..."

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“Let them visit, don’t let them stay”

  • Book: The Lip
  • Location: Cornwall
  • Author: Charlie Carroll

"Warning! Tissues will be required before you get to the end of this one! That wistful cover art was the first..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Those Hamilton Sisters
  • Location: Queensland
  • Author: Averil Kenny

"It is 1955 and in Noah Vale, rural Queensland, memories are long and minds are narrow.   The Hamilton sisters, twenty-year-old Sonnet,..."

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“Christmas at the castle with holly, handmade gifts, snowflakes and… is that a body under the tree? Someone call Lady Swift!”

  • Book: Death On A Winter’s Day (Lady Eleanor Swift mystery book #8)
  • Location: Scotland
  • Author: Verity Bright

"Bravo! This ‘Golden Age’ mystery series just keeps getting better and better! This has to be Lady Eleanor Swift’s most dangerous..."

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“Can you ever really go home again?”

  • Book: Last Stop On The 6
  • Location: The Bronx
  • Author: Patricia Dunn

"Okay, confession time first! From the very first page, this storyline reminded me so much of one so very similar, written..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: The New Wife
  • Location: Dartmoor, Devon
  • Author: Sue Watson

"3.75* Childhood sweethearts Sam Moore and Lauren Jackson recently got married and moved to a rather remote cottage on the edge..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: 533: A Book of Days
  • Location: Sant Lluís
  • Author: Cees Nooteboom

"From the opening page, the veteran author’s lightness of touch is evident: Nooteboom is a writer who can butterfly across themes..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Soul of Rome
  • Location: Rome
  • Author: Carolina Vincenti

"Given the exponential growth in guidebooks that take you to the next level – and Jonglez have a variety of guides,..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Trust Me
  • Location: Coniston Water
  • Author: Zosia Wand

"Ellen Devlin is on the train, heading into Marylebone Station. A young woman with a baby has just joined her table..."

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