Blogs in March 2022

Summer in San Sebastian 21st March 2022

Abigail’s world has disintegrated, leaving her jobless, homeless, and loveless in a remarkably brief space of time. Where else can she lick her wounds but in Spain with her dippy Aunt May. She pulls on her big girl pants,...

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Clueless in Croatia 13th April 2021

D.I. Fierce always gets his man, but can he get his woman? Actor Leonard Lupine is sick of his life, both on and off-screen, so when his agent suggests a luxury villa holiday in Croatia he leaps at the...

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Corfu Capers 18th January 2021

Join Kate Delaney on her life changing trip from Houston, Texas to Corfu where nothing goes as planned but everything falls into place in the most unexpected ways. Romance and fun in sun in this quirky tale that will...

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