Blogs in July 2016

Wide Open 29th July 2016

Wide Open is set on the Isle of Sheppey, “a strange place, flat and empty like the moon.” On the island is a nudist beach, a nature reserve, a wild boar farm and not much else. The landscape is...

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Darkmans 29th July 2016

Hauntings. History. Hysteria. In this uproarious contemporary ghost story, the medieval past takes on a human face and roams the backstreets and bypasses of 21st-Century Ashford, bringing chaos to the lives of all those it touches. No one is...

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The Yips 1st January 1970

2006 is a foreign country: they do things differently there. Tiger Woods’ reputation is entirely untarnished and the English Defence League does not exist yet. Storm-clouds of a different kind are gathering above the bar of Luton’s less than...

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