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Author(s): Laurentino Gomes

Location(s): Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo



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1822, How a wise man, a sad princess and a money crazy Scotsman helped D. Pedro create Brazil, a country that had everything to go wrong. A book set in Brazil. This is a non-fiction historical book written by Laurentino Gomes, the same author of 1808, edited by Nova Fronteira.
The name of the book refers to the year in which Prince Pedro declared the independence of Brazil, in the well-remembered “Cry of Ipiranga”. It is a comprehensive research about the beginnings of independent life of a giant country in the New World. (Wikipedia) IN PORTUGUESE

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Author: tripfiction

This is the second book of Laurentino Gomes (1808 was his first bestseller) a continuity of the history of Brazil, now centered in D. Pedro I, son of King Joao, that stayed in Brazil...

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