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A Good Death

A Good Death

Author(s): H L Davis

Location(s): Cambridgeshire, Cusco

Genre(s): Mystery

Era(s): Modern

‘A good death is better than a bad conscience,’ said Sophie. 1983 – Georgie, Theo, Sophie and Helena, four disparate young Cambridge undergraduates, set out to scale Ausangate, one of the highest and most sacred peaks in the Andes. Seduced into employing the handsome and enigmatic Wamani as a guide, the four women are initiated into the mystically dangerous side of Peru, Wamani and themselves as they travel from Cuzco to the mountain, a journey that will shape their lives forever. 2013 – though the women are still close, the secrets and betrayals of Ausangate chafe at the friendship. A girls’ weekend at a lonely Fenland farmhouse descends into conflict with the insensitive inclusion of an overbearing young academic toyboy brought along by Theo. Sparked by his unexpected presence, pent up petty jealousies, recriminations and bitterness finally explode the truth of Ausangate, setting the women on a new and dangerous path. Sharply observant and darkly comic, Helen Davis’s début novel is an elegant tale of murder, seduction, vengeance, and the value of a good friendship.

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