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A Storm hits Valparaiso

A Storm hits Valparaiso

Author(s): David Gaughran

Location(s): Buenos Aires, Lima, Mendoza

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): Early 19th Century



In 1810, José de San Martín deserts the Spanish Army and returns home to Buenos Aires to lead a bloody revolt against his former masters.

Struggling with an increasing dependence on opiates, San Martín forms a secret army of thieves, mercenaries, slaves, and prostitutes to free Argentina from the Spanish Empire.

A Storm Hits Valparaíso is an epic, 400-page historical adventure with a huge cast of characters whose stories gradually interweave, including: two brothers torn apart by love: a slave running for his life, a disgraced British sailor seeking redemption in a foreign land: an Indian trapped in the death mines of Potosí: and a Spanish general who deserts the army to raise the flag of rebellion against Madrid.
David Gaughran

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Lead Review

The real strength of this novel lies in how the author pulls together the stories of a wide range of individuals. A huge feast of characters (Ellie Beck)

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