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Abandoned Spain

Abandoned Spain

Author(s): Fran Lens, Carlos Sanmillan, Paco Quiles

Location(s): Spain

Genre(s): Photography

Era(s): Modern



An outstanding photographic report that draws attention to the often dramatic fate of Spain’s abandoned heritage and its frequently forgotten beauty. The locations featured all have their own stories to tell, in a variety of voices, but with one shared theme: the fall from grace.

Towns bombed during the Spanish Civil War that were never rebuilt; an international railway station once teeming with Nazi and Allied double agents, now concealing a state-of-the-art dark matter research laboratory; a former munitions dump hewn out of the mountainside; a winery whose vast tanks form a unique architectural site; and various laboratories that have closed down, their experiments frozen in time Although the remains of the old town of Belchite and Canfranc railway station are popular with urban explorers in Spain, many other historic sites overlooked even by local people are on the brink of vanishing into oblivion.

For the last ten years, the cameras of Fran Lens, Paco Quiles and Carlos Sanmillán have crisscrossed the country to record these abandoned locations for posterity. Their work is featured in this photo report infused with history and adrenaline.

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Author: Tina Hartas

The “Abandoned…” series produced by Jonglez Publishing is a series of projects, capturing buildings as they struggle to survive: “They are a silent testimony to a past, redolent with lives that were cut short...

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