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Addressed to Greta

Author(s): Fiona Sussman

Location(s): New York City (NYC), London, New Zealand, Rwanda

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Contemporary

Greta Jellings blushes and bumbles her way through her carefully ordered existence, forever constrained by what her mother would have said and done. ‘No expectation, no disappointment’ was one of her mother’s mantras. It serves Greta well too.
It is the death of her dear friend Walter, and his unusual bequest, that finally forces Greta to escape the shackles of her safe life. Revealed in a series of letters, Walter sets Greta a challenge that leads her across the world, and so far outside her comfort zone, that she has no choice but to confront who she really is. It is in the foreignness of strangers that she finds the familiar, and in the expanse of the vista that she gains perspective.
Addressed to Greta is a captivating novel about a woman learning to express her true self. A story about finding the courage to be seen, and a testament to the transformative power of friendship.

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