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Author(s): Nidhi Dalmia

Location(s): Delhi, Kashmir, New York City (NYC), San Francisco

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): 1960s

Set in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York, Kashmir and Delhi in the late ’60s, intertwined with the significant cultural, student, sexual and intellectual revolutions taking place around that time, Afternoon is the story of a young student finding the love of his life and two young women whose lives intersect with his at different points of time.
It is also the story of a Kashmiri Muslim girl who carried memories and impressions of her home state but grew up in Delhi.
The other woman, an American Field Service worker from Upper East Side New York, finds life taking unexpected turns on a short field visit to India. Her visit confirms her decision to go to Berkeley instead of the Seven Sisters where she had also got admission because of her academic brilliance.
The Cold War mentality and way of looking at each other had not left either America or the USSR. Conscription and a highly unpopular Vietnam War were raging. The Establishment in Berkeley and elsewhere in California was as determined as the idealistic students to get its way, which meant crushing their movements.
There are threats to these relationships from other interested parties and events. The decisions that are involved in inter-continental relationships. The belief that there is nothing more important than love.
Afternoon best reflects how our lives are shaped by the choices we make and factors beyond our control.

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