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All The Bears Sing

All The Bears Sing

Author(s): Harold Macy

Location(s): British Columbia

Genre(s): Short Stories, Fiction

Harold Macy’s newest book, a collection of short stories depicting life in British Columbia, resonates with the land and the people who inhabit it.

Whether he’s chronicling the death song of a Douglas fir, the brassy orchestra of trumpeter swans, or the sweet sap symphony of a tapped maple, Harold Macy contemplates the beauty of all that British Columbia has to offer with graceful lyricism and appreciation for the natural world, highlighting the particular magic of the West Coast.

It is the human ties to the land that shine in Macy’s stories: everyday fishermen and loggers, gardeners and wildland firefighters, maple harvesters and weekend missionaries. From the rich bounty of the glacial loam to the wondrous stands of Sitka spruce, BC’s natural landscape is as much a character in Macy’s tales as any person.

With a genuine appreciation for the natural beauty of British Columbia, Macy’s collection reflects on how we both shape—and are shaped—by the land we inhabit.

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