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The Women at Hitler’s Table

The Women at Hitler’s Table

Author(s): Rosella Postorino

Location(s): Parcz (Gross Partsch)

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): 1943



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Also under the title At the Wolf’s Table

Germany, 1943. Twenty-six-year-old Rosa Sauer’s parents are gone, and her husband, Gregor, is far away, fighting on the front lines of World War II. Alone, she has little choice but to leave war-torn Berlin behind and live with her in-laws in the countryside, hoping she’ll find refuge there. But one morning, the SS come to tell her she has been conscripted to be one of Hitler’s tasters: three times a day, she and nine other women go to his secret headquarters, known as the Wolf’s Lair, to eat his meals before he does. Forced to eat what might kill them, the tasters begin to divide into The Fanatics, those loyal to Hitler, and the women like Rosa who insist they aren’t Nazis, even as they risk their lives every day for Hitler’s. As secrets and resentments grow, this unlikely sisterhood reaches its own dramatic climax. What’s more, one of Rosa’s SS guards has become dangerously familiar, and the war is worsening outside. As the months pass, it becomes increasingly clear that Rosa and everyone she knows are on the wrong side of history.

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Author: tripfiction

3.5* People use love to justify all kinds of things….. At the end of the novel, the author describes how she read about Margot Wölk, one of 15 people conscripted during WW2 to test...

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