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Blood on the sands

Blood on the sands

Author(s): Riall Nolan

Location(s): Tunisia

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): 1980s

The last thing an international powder keg needs is bright spark Max Donovan…

After young and ambitious Cambridge archaeologist Hadley Holloway disappears, her uncle calls upon veteran fixer Max Donovan to find her.

Hadley had been on the hunt for a rare and valuable jewel of historical significance. When last heard from, she’d found it in North Africa.

But as soon as Donovan steps foot in Tunis, trouble begins. Arch nemesis of the West, Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi is in town and Donovan quickly gets on the wrong side of his elite, all-female personal bodyguard.

Out on a limb in the desert, battling storms of sand and bullets, sun-soaked and parched, this mission will truly test his mettle.

Only by finding friends in unexpected places will Donovan be able to bring Hadley home, but can he avoid turning a cold war scorchingly hot?

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