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Author(s): Richard Ford

Location(s): Canada, Great Falls, Winnipeg

Genre(s): Crime, Fiction

Era(s): 1960s to modern



Canada is divided into three untitled parts. The first, concerning the crime and its immediate fallout, is set in the mid-to-late 1950s in Great Falls, the Montana town that Ford has used as a backdrop in some previous stories. The second describes Dell’s clandestine flight to an even more downbeat town just over the border in Canada and his new life as a kind of odd-job boy for a mysterious American fellow exile, Arthur Reminger. When Reminger’s own dark past catches up with him, Dell becomes an unwitting accomplice in a ruthlessly executed killing and is spirited away once more, this time to the care of another stranger 500 miles away in Winnipeg. Of that long interlude we are told nothing, and the third and final part of the book, a short postscript set in the recent past, mostly concerns Dell’s visit to his estranged sister, Berner, who is living – and dying from a terminal illness – in Minneapolis. The Guardian

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Lead Review

Ford does magnificent descriptions of 1960 Great Falls, Montana, the wheat fields of the state, the geese-filled Canadian skies, the run down hotels, as well as terrific characters. – Teresa Gunson-White –

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