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Chico’s Paradise

Chico’s Paradise

Author(s): William Wolfgram

Location(s): Puerto Vallarta

Genre(s): Crime

Era(s): Modern



Molly Clark was a homicide detective in MilwaukeeWisconsin and in a confrontation with a serial killer is badly wounded. She drifts away to Puerto Vallarta to heal body and spirit. Bored with the bars and clubs, and sensing she is becoming reliant on booze, she looks for work to occupy her time. She applies for a security job at a Nuevo Vallarta hotel and lands a position instead, as security chief for a hotel consortium. The hot button issue is increased drug presence in the area and at the upscale hotels. She arranges a meeting with the local drug lord and though they begin as direct adversaries, they stagger into an ill advised and difficult relationship. She is older by fifteen years and directly opposed to what he does and what he stands for. Still, they can’t deny the attraction, which leads them into the path of a rival dealer who is intent on getting rid of them and taking over the Bay drug traffic. The battle becomes bloody and before they can get out, the rival for the business launches a deadly attack. The characters are warts and all people who don’t lead the ideal lives most characters who appear in novels lead. They are flawed and in some cases, badly flawed. It is an exciting story that, as do most stories in life, leave the reader almost wishing for better for them: happier endings, better fates, resolution. But as we all know, we get what we get. You will become involved.

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Lead Review

This is certainly a great book for describing the area, I recognised several places – Luis Vag –

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