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A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome

A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome

Author(s): Alberto Angela

Location(s): Rome

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): 115AD



The year is 115 AD and Imperial Rome is at the height of its power. The reader wakes in a rich patrician home and discovers frescoes, opulent furnishings and richly appointed boudoirs. Strolling through the splendours of the Roman Forum, one overhears both learned opinions from intellectual orators and local dialogue and humour floating out from the public latrines. One meets the intense gazes of Roman matriarchs strolling the streets, looks on as a banquet is prepared, and is afforded a peek into the sexual habits and fetishes of Roman patricians and plebs.

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

Day in the life of Ancient Rome: What a wonderful way to “visit’ ancient Rome. As you wander round the sites of the city, this book will buzz in your head and will offer...

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