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Author(s): Tom Huddleston

Location(s): London

Genre(s): Children, Fiction, Future

Era(s): the near future

Floodworld is a gripping, action-packed story for fans of Alex Rider, Maze Runner and Mortal Engines

Shortlisted for the Brilliant Book Award 2020

Kara and Joe live outside the Wall, spending their days navigating perilous waterways and scratching out a living in the ruins of the old city. But when they get swept up in a police chase, and find themselves in possession of a mysterious map, they’re suddenly in a world of trouble!

As they delve deeper and deeper into a dark world of rebellion and revenge they’ve soon got gangsters, cops and ruthless Mariner pirates in their hi-tech submarines hot on their heels. But as Joe and Kara are swept up into a revolution of justice and vengeance, they must find a way to fight back and save their city before the walls come tumbling down, and the waves come rushing in…

A startling cinematic adventure set in a world ravaged by a changing climate, rising tides and a society in turmoil, from the author of the official Star Wars series Adventures in Wild Space.

‘I have not read any of Tom Huddleston’s books before but I really liked the way he writes. The characters were great and lots of fun with lots of attitude. The pictures he created in my head were really vivid. I could see everything like it was a movie! I liked the pirates and I really liked the strong girl characters. This was an awesome book and I would tell anyone to read it.’ – Lily, age 10, Lovereading4kids

‘This fast-paced futuristic adventure story set in a sunken, post-climate change London feels like a blockbuster movie in waiting.’ – Time Out

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