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Author(s): Denyse Devlin

Location(s): Stockholm

Genre(s): Fiction

Kadie Kingston is a young woman in flight and in pursuit. For reasons too awful to think about, she’s running from Milenko, the glorious Croatian she is due to marry. And she’s chasing her best friend who has fled Cork rather than face sudden crushing grief.

Misunderstandings and missed messages see Kadie hauling her travel-phobic heartbroken self around the globe – starting in a mortuary in Stockholm and ending on a boat in Queensland – before she can go home. Along the way she somehow starts to get that precious thing – perspective. And, despite herself, she also comes by something nearly as precious: a no-ties fling that is just the ticket to launch her new post-Milenko life.

But Milenko isn’t giving up on her that easily – and the fling may not be quite as forgettable as she wants it to be …

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