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I Can See My Country Clearly Now

I Can See My Country Clearly Now

Author(s): Daniel Kumbon

Location(s): Papua New Guinea

Genre(s): Autobiography/Memoirs, Nonfiction

Era(s): Late 20th Century

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I saw my country clearly like Neil Armstrong saw the earth in the cosmos on that first trip to the moon. PNG was caught like a butterfly in a spider’s web struggling to free itself from the claws of modernization, deep-rooted corruption, poor governance and environmental devastation. I heard deep mourning in my country over the deaths of loved ones—the victims of AIDS, tribal war, cold blooded murders, motor vehicle accidents and lifestyle diseases. While the first kiaps and missionaries to my country still lived to be over 80 years – educated elites were dying young – in the prime of their lives. Why? I also heard the sound of women in distress from physical harm – rape, torture, sorcery-related killings, sexual abuse, exploitation, inequality, stigma and discrimination. Why?

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