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Author(s): Nathan Senthil

Location(s): Apex, North Carolina

Genre(s): Crime, Thriller

Era(s): Contemporary

He is a dangerous animal. And he is on a mission to protect his own.

Despite being a homicide cop with the highest clearance rate in New York, when Detective Gabriel receives a tip off from a convicted criminal about a serial killer, he has trouble convincing the authorities it’s true.

Having his own reasons to believe it, after a bruising encounter with the FBI and his suspension from the force, Chase determines to hunt down the murderer himself. He is looking for a homicidal maniac who is cannibalizing his victims.

Aided by his partner Emma Stein and his trusted lieutenant Bill Lamb, Chase must find out what connects the victims. And what the killer’s motive is.

The murderer is not going to be easy to find. He learned his skills as to how to evade law enforcement from one of the best, the notorious Mr. Bunny.

What he didn’t learn from Mr. Bunny was his appetite for human hearts, a hunger that grows with every crime.

Chase will have to find cracks in his armor. And once he’s found his weakness, drive a thick wedge inside to break the villain and the case open.

INHUMAN is a thrilling game of cat and mouse. Full of suspense and tension, it will have you glued to the page.

Nathan Senthil is the author of THE IMMORALIST, his best-selling debut novel released in March 2020. It is FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback. Look out for his third book, THE INNOCENTS.

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