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Like Nowhere Else

Like Nowhere Else

Author(s): Denyse Woods

Location(s): Sana'a, Yemen

Genre(s): Fiction

When Vivien Quish arrives in the mystical city of Sana’a, she hopes to redeem her ruined dream of being a great traveller. The last thing she expects is to become embroiled in a passionate affair.
And the last thing she needs is to fall in love …
Vivien’s mind is overflowing with stories about Yemen, land of the mythical Queen of Sheba, but try as she might, she just cannot stop herself falling for charismatic anthropologist Christian Linklater. Though Christian doesn’t know it, their lives are already entangled – and Vivien is sure that they can have no future together.
In the stinging heat of the Yemeni desert, Vivien must rediscover the spirit she thought she had lost while the two great love affairs of her life – with a man and with a country – are challenged to their limits. But it is only when Christian is in danger of being a victim of the clash between east and west, on the eve of the Iraq War, that she is finally forced to stop playing it safe.
Like Nowhere Else is a beguiling and compelling story about a woman dismantling her past in order to choose her future.

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