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The Lost Crown of Apollo

The Lost Crown of Apollo

Author(s): Suzanne Cordatos

Location(s): Delos, Mykonos

Genre(s): Children, Fiction

Embark on a boating vacation to the sunny Greek islands of cosmopolitan Mykonos and “mini Pompeii” Delos with the Tantalos family. You’ll meet headless statues and the Mykonos mascot–a pelican named Petros–and chase around lizards nicknamed Highway and Sunny.

These creatures help our hero, Elias Tantalos, discover the many wonders of Greek islands, its food, fishermen, mythology, antiquities and ancient pirates. Your new friends also help him gain a new perspective on his troubles and get him through his new ones. When you are a bad luck magnet like Elias, trouble is always lurking around the next headless statue.

Will the sun god Apollo’s Crown of Victory be enough to ward off his bad luck magnetism when he and his sister, Lily, get too close to some modern pirates?

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