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Magic Carpet Seduction

Magic Carpet Seduction

Author(s): Lisa Egle

Location(s): Middle East, South America, Turkey

Genre(s): Travelogue

Era(s): Modern



Close encounters with Carpet Casanovas in Turkey.
A quest to meet a wizard-like hermit in the Lebanese mountains.
Political intrigue in a Chinese classroom.
A marriage proposal on a Nicaraguan chicken bus.

Vicariously experience these and other adventures when you travel with the author, Lisa Egle, to China, Latin America, Turkey and the Middle East. As she takes risks off the beaten path, random moments lead to unexpected journeys. Each ride on the carpet-a tale in the collection-is unique, so you never know where you’ll land next.

Highly entertaining and thought-provoking, Magic Carpet Seduction helps you discover how traveling to far-flung destinations can bring you closer to yourself…

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Lead Review

She has such an intimate way of writing, that one feels one is sitting hearing her stories of travel over a culpa. – Effi Briest –

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