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Mission to Paris

Mission to Paris

Author(s): Alan Furst

Location(s): Europe, Paris

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): WW2



Frederic Stahl, born of Viennese intelligentsia, ran away to sea at the age of seventeen. Embarking in America, his matinee idol looks and Old-World charm took him to Hollywood, and a life of movies and women. But by autumn 1939, the unease in Europe has spread even to Stahl’s glamorous enclave. War has been declared, and though bullets and bombs are yet to fly, his decision to shoot a film in Paris seems ill-advised. The Parisians know this is their last spring, and a time to be passionate. Soon after his arrival, Stahl is drawn into a clandestine world of foreign correspondents, exiled Spanish republicans, and of course, spies of every sort. For as a celebrity from neutral America – who can travel across the continent freely – Stahl could be very useful indeed…

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Lead Review

Furst is often compared to Eric Ambler and Graham Greene because of his remarkable command of the dark moral atmosphere of Europe in the 1930s. But he commands another kind of atmosphere as well....

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