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My Lady’s Secrets

My Lady’s Secrets

Author(s): Katy Moran

Location(s): London, Scottish Highlands

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical, Romance

Era(s): Turn of 19th Century

Regency England

When rebellious aristocrat Cressida and Lord Greville parted ways, they swore never to meet again. Their short marriage had already descended into bitter estrangement, destroyed by scandal and betrayal.

Years later, Greville is a soldier in the Peninsular War and Cressida is following the drum as another man’s lover. Scorned by society, she has learned to survive as a spy – until the day she is caught behind enemy lines, by none other than Greville himself.

Threatened with paying the ultimate price, Cressida is offered a deal: she must entrap and betray the most famous man in England. And Greville, unforgiving, angry and still shockingly attractive, must ensure she complies.

Catapulted to the heights of fame, Lord Byron is just as chaotic, charming and ruthless as he was when he, Greville and Cressida were teenagers. As the three old friends gather for a summer house party in the Scottish Highlands, Cressida is forced to confront her past and ask herself a terrifying question: is it too late for she and Greville to fight for one another at last?

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