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Only This Once Are You Immaculate

Only This Once Are You Immaculate

Author(s): Blessing Musariri

Location(s): Africa

Genre(s): Dystopian

When twins Afya and Aftab, along with their adopted brother Khaled, leave the shelter of a hidden valley, they are astonished by the bustle and noise of the outside world. But beneath this chaos is an order more threatening than bedlam. An army of shadows gathers, looking to break free from the navel of the world, where they have been subdued for hundreds of years. The Keepers of Truth are scattered; the once-powerful Empire is fragmented, its twelve territories now controlled by seven warlords, one of whom has taken control of the region once protected by the Keepers. Surrounded by bright, new discoveries, our innocents are lost in fascination, unprepared for the trials they will encounter, trials that will redefine who they are and what they believe. Blessing Musariri is a stunning new voice, and has created a rich universe, rooted in African landscapes, that recasts the realism of our world in an uncannily resonant new light.



There are multiple influences in terms of locations: Zanzibar, Kenya and Uganda for the dows and the influence of Islamic culture on that region; Ethiopia, South Africa and Zimbabwe for the sweeping aridness, the coastline, the oases, and the mountains. She borrowed from different places all around the eastern part of Africa and concentrated it all in the ‘Territories’ simply because people are migratory.

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