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Platform Seven

Platform Seven

Author(s): Louise Doughty

Location(s): Peterborough

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Contemporary



Platform Seven is new. It is also the furthest point of Peterborough Station from the entrance. It is completely deserted. The man walking along the covered walkway at 4am on this freezing November morning knows that. As he sits on the metal bench at the far end of the platform it is clear his choice is strategic: a wall hides him from the CCTV camera’s persistent blink.

What the man fails to realise is that he is not alone, and what Lisa Evans knows, to her cost, is what his decision to be here means, as she tries and fails to stop him standing and walking to the platform edge.

Two deaths on Platform Seven. Two fatalities in eighteen months – surely they’re connected?

No one is more desperate to understand what connects them than Lisa Evans herself. She was after all the first of the two to die.

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

When I used to travel down the East Coast Main Line (as it was in those days, now LNER, through multiple reincarnations), with children in tow, the train would always stop briefly at Peterborough...

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