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Raising Sparks

Raising Sparks

Author(s): Ariel Kahn

Location(s): Israel

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Present day



Raising Sparks is a magical-realist love story set in Modern Israel. Full of the sounds, scents and flavours of the Middle East, it gives the reader access to the hidden worlds behind the headlines we see.

Told by the voices of teenagers Malka and Moshe, Raising Sparks is a celebration of mystical texts, discovering your own inner power and the highs (and lows) of your first love. As a reader, you will instantly fall for the brilliant and brave Malka as she abandons her Ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem, to reveal the secret power that lies within her. When she discovers that her ability is to liberate the Divine language – the words that Kabbalists believe created the world, her eyes are truly opened to the wonder and dangers that lie before her.

Betrayals, rituals and a prophecy that she will die young causes Malka to travel across Israel, from Jerusalem to the mystical mountain city of Safed, and to the secular city of Tel Aviv, seeking answers. Hot on her heels is her father’s most promising student, Moshe, who has fallen in love with Malka and is determined to keep her safe but who is also tested across the journey and must choose between his heart, his faith and his family.

Raising Sparks is a brilliant debut by prize-winning writer Ariel Kahn who delivers a book that unlocks the secrets of mystical texts and makes them meaningful for our present moment. It offers a glimpse of a Middle East hidden behind the headlines. For anyone who loves food, colour, and discovering new cultures, and still holds on to the possibility of love. This is a book that should not be missed this summer.

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