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Author(s): Paul Louis Rossi

Location(s): Nantes

Genre(s): Autobiography/Memoirs, Fiction

Era(s): 1930-1950

Published in 1990 in French original, this book is one of a pair by Rossi about his time in Nantes in Western France. For literary tourists Rossi names places that can be found. The very first paragraph speaks of a district, in Nantes, the quartier de Doulon. He recalls a stretch of water there, small enough to cross on foot, un gué, (say –gay-) in French. In Rossi’s story, he remembers that nettles used to grow there but now all the marshy ground is filled in.

A dozen pages later we learn of une impasse, a no through road, named Avenue de la Valtaiserie. Surely, that still exists today?

Rossi also tantalises those in search of places in which authors have lived or worked, by speaking of the time André Breton spent here at a hospital worked at the end of WWI. Overall, this is more of a researcher’s book or for someone who is studying Rossi, rather than a story in its own right.

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