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Author(s): Fay Picardi

Location(s): Florence

Genre(s): Biography, Fiction

Era(s): 15th Century



Have you ever wondered about who Botticelli chose to depict in his immortal painting Birth of Venus? Was she a real person, his model or his mistress? Most people recognize her image, but few can name her. Even fewer know her personal story. Do you know that her liaisons with the Medici family at the height of the Italian Renaissance caused such a sensation that the intrigue endures today? That Lorenzo de’ Medici wrote love poems to her? That Botticelli asked to be buried at her feet? After years of research, poet and author Fay Picardi carefully unveils the captivating narrative portrait of this fascinating woman and adds enough detail that the reader feels as if he or she is inhabiting Florence during the period of Lorenzo de’ Medici.

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Lead Review

A fictional biography, this just transported me back to the imagined days of Florence at the height of its fame – full of larger than life characters and the streets are full of vibrant...

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