Something of his Art: Walking to Lübeck with J S Bach

Something of his Art: Walking to Lübeck with J S Bach

Author(s): Horatio Clare

Location(s): Germany

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): 1705



In the depths of winter in 1705 the young Johann Sebastian Bach, then unknown as a composer and earning a modest living as a teacher and organist, set off on a long journey by foot to Lübeck to visit the composer Dieterich Buxterhude, a distance of more than 250 miles. This journey and its destination were a pivotal point in the life of arguably the greatest composer the world has yet seen. Lübeck was Bach’s moment, when a young teacher with a reputation for intolerance of his pupils’ failings began his journey to become the master of the Baroque.

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Author: tripfiction

This area of Germany is not a natural draw for tourists and walkers (though there are many beautiful things to see). Something of his Art is inspired by a trip that J S Bach...

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