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Author(s): Penelope Slocombe

Location(s): Indian Himalayan Region, Manali

Genre(s): Fiction, Mystery

Era(s): Turn 21st Century

In 1997 Anne’s eighteen-year-old son Torran walked out of his hotel in the notorious Himalayan town of Manali – and disappeared.

Seven years later Anne is still searching, haunted by the idea that someone must know something, following every tenuous lead, obsessed with potential sightings. She’s ridden with guilt at the way she failed Torran as a mother. Though, unlike her husband, she’s never stopped believing her son is alive.

When her estranged niece Esther arrives with new information, Anne is convinced that her tenacity will finally be rewarded. Forging an uneasy truce, they venture deep into the lush but unpredictable Himalayas, hunting for answers and the secluded community living in the Sunshine House.

It is a journey that will test them in ways they couldn’t have imagined. And the closer they get to discovering the truth, the more Anne begins to question everything she thought she wanted.

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