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The Appian Way

The Appian Way

Author(s): David Hewson

Location(s): Italy

Genre(s): Travelogue

Era(s): current and 2000 years ago



They say all roads lead to Rome – but some are more important than others.
Along 350 miles from Rome to Brindisi, the Appian Way rose from its humble beginnings as a military track to become the engine that transformed Ancient Rome into the greatest empire Europe had ever seen.
Two thousand years later, with the continent in the process of another seismic shift, bestselling author David Hewson travels its route in the footsteps of the ordinary and extraordinary people who trod its path. From the gladiator rebel Spartacus to the marauding general Hannibal, via emperors, martyrs and politicians, he uncovers the stories of war, intrigue and ambition buried beneath its cobblestones.
Whether you love history, travel, Italy or all three, The Appian Way is a vivid, personal and fascinating exploration of an ancient journey that has never been more relevant.
Complete with an exclusive online photo album of the main locations and an interactive Google Earth map.

‘A seamless mix of present and past. The Appian Way brings Roman history vividly alive.’
Dakota L. Hamilton, Humboldt State University

Complete with an exclusive online album of David’s photographs taken during his research and an interactive online Google Earth map of the places and sights along the way.

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

The Appian Way is a really interesting book – erudite and informative, but not in a way that would put anyone off reading it. The Appian Way of the title is a road that...

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