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The Bygones

The Bygones

Author(s): Jim Gibson

Location(s): Nottinghamshire

Genre(s): Short Stories

Era(s): Fiction



“When I met the Devil I was twelve years old. I’d just started holding hands with Holly from the top end of the village and, even though I thought she was only messing me around when she said that she’d be my girlfriend, I still went along with it. That’s something else about this time of my life (the bit about Holly, I mean) but I’d say you probably want to hear about the Devil, don’t you?”

The Bygones is a glimpse into a specific part of the world, at a specific time of what will soon be called history. These small stories range from the very real to the very bizarre.

“Above gritty reality in fiction sits gritty reality in life; the moments between the moments where teabags turn heavy and cold, where real stories gather under the stories we tell, and are stranger – The Bygones is a dance down that street, so present and bright you can feel it underfoot.”
— DBC Pierre, author of Vernon God Little (Booker winner, 2003)

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Lead Review

Author: Tina Hartas

3.5* In these short stories, the author gives voices to locals in Nottinghamshire, who perhaps would rarely get themselves heard. Each story ranges across genres, including several coming-of-age pieces. Indeed the author refers to...

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