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The Christmas Tasters

Author(s): Susan Willis

Location(s): North Shields

Genre(s): Food and Drink, Romance

Era(s): 2021

Sarah runs taste panels at the local supermarket where six complete strangers meet every Thursday to taste Christmas puddings and cakes. Week by week we are involved with the lives of these different characters. From, two elderly ladies at loggerheads with each other, to a young househusband struggling with twin babies, and a beautiful Indian girl with an arranged marriage. Sally, a divorcee and high-powered lawyer, sets her sights on Mark, who is a local photographer and widower.
However, it is Sarah that Mark asks out on a date and falls for her in a big way. Although Sarah is attracted to him, she wants to drift into their new relationship slowly. With explosive happenings in the taste sessions each week, Sarah is in a complete spin. Will she take a chance with Mark?

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